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Murals Artist

Here at YoursHandyMan we create beautiful wall murals of the highest quality, and at a competetive price! Designing and creating murals for both domestic and businesses YoursHandyMan's murals service cover all aspects, design and rooms to bring to life your desired mural.


Unique art and hand painted murals, we will create your artwork from scratch whether it be an image you like the look of or maybe scenary from a holiday or a theme of your choosing. YoursHandyMan will paint your bespoke wall mural and transpire your image into real life!

What is a Muralist?

Just like any other artists, a muralist creates works of art. One of the main differences between a muralist and other types of artists, however, is the size of the artwork. Muralists typically create very large paintings, usually the size of an entire wall or even the entire side of a building.

Once your muralist has established how exactly they would like the finished work to look, they will then apply this thought to paper - creating a sketch of how the finished mural will look. Following this, the initial outlining of the mural can be transferred onto the canvas and the muralist can begin working on the detailing of the project. The detailing of the mural can be done using several different techniques. Spray paint may be used for the larger portions of the design, where as the finer points may be applied with paintbrushes. The use of some stencils is also commonplace when painting particularly difficult shapes.

Ultimately, a muralist is a painter. Therefore, the muralist uses similar materials and tools as other painters, such as:

  • Sealers
  • Drop cloths
  • Pencils or charcoal
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paint sprayers
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