Cheap painting services Guide
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November 22, 2018
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Cheap painting services Guide

Cheap painting services Guide

If you like find a cheap painting services
We have several hints for you
This will reduce the cost of the service up to 30%

Prepare room for painting walls and ceiling;
. Take off all pictures from the walls
. Take off all wall plugs and hooks
. Remove if you can furnishings to the other rooms
. Cover all cabinets and wardrobes by plastic sheet
. Cover enter floor by dust sheet
. Supply all materials

Most used materials for painting needed;
. Dust Sheet
. Mastic
. Masking tape
. White filler
. Sandpaper
. Paint for ceiling and for the wall if different

That's all what you need.

All necessary tools the painter will supply, like paint brush, paint roller etc.
It is necessary to look for painter near your area if you like save money, that will save time and cost for travelling to your place.
Local painter as well will not charge for the parking because he's operating in the same area as you living.

Example cost of one bedroom to paint ceiling and walls only;
Room 4 x 4
. Preparation of the room before painting.
Preparation of the walls and ceiling, like feeling the holes repairing small cracks
Painting the same colour walls and ceiling one coat of paint
Painter will work to do this job, including the break between the two coats of paint if different colour of walls and ceiling, 5 to 6 hours
The cost is base on the YoursHandyMan price list, £180 +/-
The cost of painting a one-bedroom without preparation of the room 4 to 5 hours £144

All additional job like painting the cornice painting the woodwork, like windows, window sill , wardrobes, skirting boards, door, door frame, that will change the time and the price.

Basically local painter near you will have competitive price.

If you have any questions or want to express your opinion, share your comment below.

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