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January 1, 2019

Cheap handyman

Cheap handyman services

Many customers ask us if we can do cheap handyman services? our answer is yes,

let me explain how it is possible.

In the first place, our prices change only once a year depending on the number of customers looking for handyman service, if more customers we have then more promotion and more discounts for services.

Our handyman team is highly trained, with a minimum of five years experience, this means that we will do the task twice as fast as a handyman without experience with a low price.


Task lasting 1 hour (Our Pro handyman only 1h 64.80)

Task lasting 1 hour (Low skilled handyman 2h + £ 30 per hour = over £ 60)

The difference in price is not much difference but the quality of work will have impact on the task done.

In addition, every customer returning to us receives a permanent discount of 10% on all handyman services.


Service up to 1 hour handyman (minimum charge) £ 64.80 permanent discount 10% = £ 58.32

Another discount for customers who recommend us 10% OFF that means you save 20% on each hour


Service up to 1 hour handyman (minimum charge) £ 64.80 permanent discount 10% + recommended us 10% off in total £ 51.84

You save £ 12.96 to the first hour of service.

If you're looking for a cheap handyman first at all check the background of the handyman.

We are ready to help you in your home repairs, join our clients and enjoy low-cost services.

YoursHandyMan Team

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